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By selecting Techknocx as your tech partner, you can be sure that your project will be innovative, maintainable, and scalable. We are dedicated to helping our clients build their brands and implement their digital strategies.

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Techknocx aims to extend its sustainable IT solutions and software development services. We proudly own a team of IT specialists and tech enthusiasts who are constantly dedicated to provide innovative, convenient, and user-friendly solutions

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General FAQs

Our tech support teams are always geared up 24/7 to deal with technical issues and provide satisfactory client support.

Just contact us! We'll get together and discuss it. Just be sure to have as much information about your concept as possible; this will make the meeting go more smoothly and promote future collaboration.

The contract contains a clause describing this, and an NDA is also signed between the customer and us.

When a consumer requests a change, we follow a set method. We first get their consent for any alteration requests. We conduct an impact analysis when the consumer gives the request their approval.

We're here to help, so you don't need to be an expert in software development. If you have any experience in that area, please share it with us. Otherwise, we are happy to walk you through the entire procedure and explain everything.