About us


Experienced team providing expert services.

who we are?

With an expanding trend of Information Technology around the globe, Techknocx aims to extend its superior IT consultation and software development services to clients. We aspire to extend services not only to international clients but also to provide digital and convenient technological solutions to regional clients.

We proudly own a team of IT specialists and fanatics who are constantly dedicated to provide pioneering, convenient, and user-friendly solutions to clients. Being in the tech league, we also aim to bring a technological revolution with our services.

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We are among the digital transformers and development companies that provide the convenient and the most required solutions to the public sectors, global organizations, and technology startups. Our provided end-to-end solutions have directly catered the needs and requirements that have enabled many corporations to expand and rectify their business.

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what we do?

A TECHKNOCX is what we desire, a vision of a digital work enabling the transformation of conventional methods to a digital one. Our mission is to assist enterprises in adopting the use of technology. With this technological adoption, the enterprises can grow up to a whole new level.

We take down complex, and most untangle complex issues that arise in the practical interactions and modern-day world. Whether it is a consumer app or a conversion of an enterprise-class solution, TechKnocx, along with the IT experts, devises and formulates the concepts until they are delivered.

We expect to continue our growth consistently, with the firm objective for what we endeavour for

quality guaranteed

  • Inevitable Operations and Excellence

With our professional quality management and assurance, we can consistently implement our projects under the precious time and budget. We use risk management methods on a corporate, account, and project level. We host the tools that monitor all corporate operations effectively.

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  • Trustworthy Services Delivery

We ensure the security and integrity of the data we access from our clients. We have strategized and emphasized the right information security strategy and management system. We also own a cloud-based infrastructure and are prepared to operate remotely.

  • Swift Development along with application permanence

We have developed a set of management and technological processes that enable us to release applications and products frequently and deploy small changes as often.